• Slip and Fall on Rental Property

    Washington, like most states, has stuck with the common law classifications for determining premises liability. These classifications include invitees, licensees, etc. For purposes of lawsuits against... Read More

  • State Supreme Court All But Eliminates Pretext Stop

    This week the State Supreme Court decided State v. Arreola. Unfortunately, they decided incorrectly. The officer who testified in the case was very candid. He admitted that his attention was drawn ... Read More

  • Federal DUI cases

    A federal DUI case can arise in several different ways. For example, a person who is driving under the influence in a federal park or other federal property may find themselves in federal court instea... Read More

  • Domestic Violence Impact Panels

    Domestic violence impact panels are a fairly new to Washington State. They seem to modeled upon victim panels associated with drunk driving. The Domestic Violence Impact panel lasts about two hours... Read More

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