Police Officer Shooting Unnecessary

On December 17, 2017 a Bremerton Police Officer was shot twice in the abdomen just below his bullet proof vest.  This did not have to happen and should not have happened.

The man who shot Officer Kent Mayfield had been ordered by a court not to possess any weapons after he was charged with domestic violence for punching his wife in the head after a dispute over a burrito.  The judge demanded that Willie Floyd McCord turn over his weapons at the time the judge issued a No Contact Order directing McCord have no contact with his wife.

On November 16, 2017, McCord was ordered by a Kitsap County judge not to possess any firearms and turn in any that he had.  This was obviously not done because he shot Officer Mayfield about a month after he was ordered to turn over his firearms.

It is apparent that the Courts, Prosecutors and Police agencies in Kitsap County are not doing everything they can to protect their citizens and law enforcement officers.  This was the subject of my previous blog. In King County, after protection orders are issued and firearms are ordered to be surrendered, the Courts set hearings to make sure the Orders are enforced.  Additionally, task forces are being set up to make sure firearms are collected.

Judges need to be cautious and make sure that they do not issue Protection Orders unnecessarily because they have many consequences beyond just preventing one person from contacting another.  Issuance of the orders can cause people to lose employment and housing.

Meanwhile, the effects of the shooting of Officer Mayfield continue to ripple through our community.  One of Q13’s News morning hosts is Travis Mayfield and it was his father who was shot by McCord.  Travis Mayfield is currently taking time off work to be with his family.

Officer Mayfield was trying to help McCord get back on track.  It is really a shame he wound up getting shot twice for his trouble.  Hopefully, he will have a quick recovery.

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