An auto accident can cause great disruption in lives. It may not be possible to work for extended periods of time, and this can place great strain on finances and relationships. Kirk Davis is a reputable Seattle collision lawyer that helps accident victims recover all the compensation they are allowed to receive under the law. He provides legal counsel in the areas of:

  • Car crashes and trucking accidents
  • Boating and railroad accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Bicycle and motorcycle crashes

After an accident, insurance companies use a computer program to determine the value of a claim. However, the program does not consider elements like personal suffering, and so a settlement amount is usually not adequate to compensate you for your injuries. Kirk is the collision lawyer that understands how adjusters work and has tried many of these types of cases in court. Additionally, his medical knowledge enables him to understand the injuries and the mechanisms of those injuries. Kirk partners with specialists and experts from all over the country who review chart notes from doctors and other healthcare providers and give expert opinions at trial or other hearings. It is vital to have a comprehensive understanding of an injured person’s medical condition to provide appropriate advice and get the proper award of damages.

Case Results:

  • Seattle, WA — Electrician hurt when his van was struck by a vehicle that ran a red light. The electrician’s van rolled over onto its side causing him to suffer internal bleeding leading to the loss of his spleen. He is fully recovered and back to work. $1,025,000.00 full policy limits obtained.

  • Kent, WA — Truck driver hurt when his semi was rear ended by another semi truck. $60,000

  • Seattle, WA — Pedestrian hit by commercial van that ran stop light. Pedestrian suffered minor injuries, but had headaches for several months. Case settled just shy of policy limits. $90,000

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