Oso Landslide Victims May Sue Snohomish County for Negligence

The recent shocking and devastating landslide in Oso, Washington likely has many family members of the victims wondering if a lawsuit against the government may be possible.

Certainly mainly geologist warned that mudslides were likely at the exactly location where the slide eventually occurred.

The people with the strongest cases will likely be the people who were driving on State Route 530; however, some homeowners could also bring a lawsuit. The homeowners’ claims may not be as strong because of some governmental immunity.

Washington is fairly generous to its citizens in that it allows for suit against the government in may different areas. Some state governments claim sovereign immunity and will not allow any lawsuits.

It would be nice if some of the relatives of the victims could recover some money for this catastrophe. Nothing can make up for the loss of life, but hopeful the loss of life will not be compounded by an inability to recover for the County’s and State’s potential negligence.