Month: April 2016

Rape Victims at BYU Blamed for “Honor Code” Violations

  In a move that smacks of blaming the victim, BYU routinely investigates women who report sexual assaults.   Several women who have reported being raped while they were students at Brigham Young University are scared they may be disciplined by the school for so called “honor code” violations. One courageous young woman, Madi Barney,  … Read more

Who Pays Your Bills When You Are in Bike Accident?

Common sense tells us that a bike rider who gets into a collision with a car is, of course, very likely to be injured.  Common sense is not wrong.  Even though only 1% of trips taken in the United States are by bicycle, bike riders face a much higher risk of being killed or injured  … Read more

Don’t Get Zapped by the Zipcar

Zipcar does not provide proper insurance for the people who “share” its cars.  Zipcar may lull people into thinking they have sufficient insurance to cover them if they are in an accident; unfortunately, this is not correct.  If you are at fauld in an accident with a Zipcar, the Zipcar insurance coverage only provides limits  … Read more